Storyclash regularly publishes social media rankings by covering online articles with the most interactions on Facebook and Google+. Interactions are summarized as likes shares, comments and reactions that trending articles obtain.

The list of pages in March is headed by Unilad with an astounding number of 85 million interactions. Viral Tread, with a recent increase of 27,3%, holds the second place with over 68 million interactions. The main success in the month of March within the top performing group was therefore achieved by Viral Tread. The LAD Bible is the home of entertainment, original video, viral content and news. With 9,2 billion all-time video views on facebook, 26 million fans and 35 million unique users on the Websites, the British-based Start Up has built a lucrative, viral empire and is writing another impressive success story.

However, with totally 67.9 million interactions the media broadcaster lost one rank in March and moved from rank 2 to rank 3 on the podium. The former holder of rank 3, the Viral Tread, was thereby pushed up one place to rank 2.

In March the second greatest triumph within the top 30 group was accomplished by Mary Claire, a site full of Inspiration, Creativity and Woman Wonder. Because of an incredible increase in interactions of 239 percent, the page was able to catch up quickly and climb up 10 places in the classification. If something matters to women, it’s in Marie Claire. 1,2 million shares: That means fashion, beauty, career advice, profiles of amazing women and much more.

Pretty 52 lost about 40,2 percent in March alone, resulting in an unfortunate loss of 1 rank. Also, The Independent Online (-2.8%) went 1 rank down and looks back to a negative end result this month.

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