Storyclash regularly publishes social media rankings by analyzing online articles with the most interactions on Facebook and Google+. Interactions are summarized as likes, shares, comments and reactions that trending articles trigger.

The list of pages in April is headed by Unilad with an astounding number of 81 million interactions. The LAD Bible with a recent decrease of 7,7% to 62.7 million interactions, could climb up to place 2 in the ranking and therefore pushed down Viral Thread. With a total of 61.7 million interactions, the media broadcaster was pushed down a rank on the podium, from being number 2 to rank 3.

The main loss in the month of April within the top performing group has been taken by The Independent Online which had to put up an decrease of 38.4 % in its number of social media interactions, the site therefore dropped down from rank 6 to 8. The British-based daily newspaper which so far has built up a lucrative empire and was writing an impressive success story in march now has to look back on a negative month of april.

In April the second greatest success story within the top 20 group was written by UNILAD Gaming, a site filled with engaging games and witty slogans. Because of the increase of interactions of 28 percent, the site was able to catch up rapidly and climb up 4 places in the classification. If something matters greatly in the gaming industry and is of importance to the enthusiastic gamers, it is published on the website of UNILAD Games. The numbers speak for themselves: 936.000 shares and 390.000 comments.

Top Posts in April

 „I saw this prank on Facebook and wanted to try it on my husband.” This post of the LAD Bible in which a woman pranks her husband with a “coin bottle trick”, attained unbelievable 4,3 million interactions, was shared 2 million times and received 1.3 million likes.

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