Storyclash regularly publishes rankings of Social Media Trends by covering online articles with the most interactions on Facebook and Google+. Interactions are summarized as likes shares, comments and reactions that trending articles obtain. When comparing the top media publishers in social networks, it is the best method to review and rank them according to their total number of interactions related to the posts, not just the number of likes.

The Independent Online with top performance

Some UK Online Media Publishers are so well established in the social networks, that the Top 5 didn’t change much from April to May. The list of the top performing pages in May is not surprisingly headed by UNILAD with an astounding number of 75 million interactions, followed by The LAD BibleViral Thread, with a recent decrease of 20%, still remains on the third place on the podium with nearly 50 million interactions.

The main success in the month of May within the top performing group was achieved by The Independent Online. The Online edition of the famous newspaper moved from rank 8 up to rank 6 with an increase of 58 % compared to April,

Top Post in May holds a secret

The top post of the month comes from Viral Thread: „This bag has a secret tap for your wine“. The funny video shows a bag that can be equipped with a secret wine dispenser so you can bring the party everywhere you go! It has achieved unbelievable 2,2 million social media interactions in the UK alone, was shared 1,5 million times and received 240.000 likes.

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