Storyclash regularly publishes social media rankings of top stories by analyzing social media interactions on Facebook and Twitter. Storyclash measures in real time, how many likes, shares, comments and reactions trending articles on the web obtain. In cooperation with MediaShift, we have put together trending articles with the most interactions throughout the year 2016.

The top story of the year according to analysis from Storyclash wasn’t the election. It was the moon. The November supermoon got publisher ScienceAlert 2.8 interactions and beat out stories about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Queen. Below is the full list of the top social news in 2016 from Storyclash.

Note: You can read any of the top posts by simply clicking on them.

About Storyclash:

Storyclash is a social media monitoring tool and shows what effects content in social networks has in real-time. The media and companies can observe which posts from their pages or those of competitors are shared, liked and commented on most frequently by users of Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the software recognizes viral posts all over the world within minutes and shows which trends should quickly be responded to. This allows for a maximum coverage of social networks. You can find further social media charts and rankings here.

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