Storyclash regularly publishes rankings of Social Media Trends by covering online articles with the most interactions on Facebook and Google+. Interactions are summarized as likes shares, comments and reactions that trending articles obtain. When comparing the top media publishers in social networks, it is the best method to review and rank them according to their total number of interactions related to the posts, not just the number of likes.

RTL Nieuws, and De Telegraaf again in leading position

Some Dutch online media publishers are now already so well established in the social networks, that the success rates of the Top 3 of the Netherlands, RTL Nieuws, and De Telegraaf, didn’t fluctuate much during the timespan between April and May.

Not surprisingly, the list of the top pages in May is headed by RTL Nieuws and RTL Nieuws shows an astounding number of over 1,8 million interactions, while has over 1,5 million interactions. De Telegraaf, with a recent increase of 46,6 %, still holds the third place with over 1,4 million interactions. The top performance of May within the Top 10 was achieved by AT5 with an increase of over 53 percent. Amstel Television 5 is a local television station in Amsterdam and moved up 4 ranks in May alone. With 337.000 interactions, the TV channel secured rank 8 and thereby pushed down NRC, the former holder of this place, three positions to rank 11.

In May, the second greatest triumph within the Top 10 group was accomplished by is a Dutch online newspaper and aside from its own news articles, the site also features articles bought from the news agencies ANP and Novum. This strategy was quite fruitful and was immediately rewarded with an incredible increase of 80 percent in May, which made it possible to improve their standing by one rank.

Top Dutch posting in May

The top posting in May that stood out was a video with the title „I have a right to live“ which showed a young woman with Down’s Syndrome and Autism sending a moving message to the United Nations. With this clip, the RTL Nieuws attained unbelievable 147.000 million interactions; it was shared 116.000 times and received over 19.000 likes.

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