Top 15 International Pharma Leaders on Social Media (Updated: November 2018)

Using current data-driven insights, we rank the most social media savvy pharmaceutical brands around the globe based on their online…

Top Social Media leaders in Global Pharma Ranking

Johnson & Johnson emerge as the latest leader in our Global Pharma Ranking for September, followed by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Pharma Ranking Global: AMA regains ground behind 1st place Novartis

Novartis retook the top spot in our Pharma Ranking, pulling in over 57.000 interactions as American Medical Association pushed for their social media crown.

Pharma Ranking Global: Servier advances past Novartis

With room at the top of the May global Pharma Ranking, French Pharmaceutical company Servier seized the opportunity and skyrocketed past 35 other brands into 1st place!

Pharma Ranking Global: American Medical Association tops competitors

American Medical Association owns the number 1 spot in April, but Novartis isn’t too far behind and may very well make a push for 1st place in the next ranking.

Archived Pharmaceutical Rankings

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