Storyclash regularly publishes Social Media Rankings by covering online content with the most social media interactions on Facebook, Google+ and since August newly added: Twitter Interactions. Interactions are summarized as all likes, shares, comments and reactions that trending articles obtain. Storyclash tracks billions of social media interactions worldwide and enables publishers, online media newsrooms and brands to discover viral articles, watch competitors in real-time and make data driven decisions to get more engagement on social media.

TV4 with top performance

Newsner Sweden once again took the lead in the month of September with 4,6 million social media interactions in total and an increase of 21,4 % compared to the previous month. Expressen had to accept a slight decrease of 6,3 % but was able to defend the second place with 3,4 million interactions. Aftonbladet, also with a minor decrease of 4,3 % in its performance and 2,8 million interactions, holds rank 3 on the podium.

The main success in the month of September within the top performing group was achieved by TV4 with an increase of 102,7 %. With 284.000 interactions, the TV channel moved up 5 ranks and directly into the Top 10 of the Social Media Ranking. TV4 offers a mix of news, sports, drama series, soaps, entertainment, current affairs programmes, sitcoms, feature films, documentaries and phone-in shows.

Upsetting story at the top

The post with the most interactions is an article by Newsner with the title “Man pays for stepdaughter’s wedding, then bride reveals something that breaks his heart“. The post achieved 575.000 interactions overall, was shared over 9.000 times, received 19.200 likes and 5.600 comments.

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