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Worldstar holds its crown atop shifting ranks

The fact that Worldstar Hip Hop is sitting at the top of the ranking isn’t anything new: with 288 million social interactions, the infamous site is actually having a down month compared to March but it’s still well ahead of second-place 9GAG.

The Shade Room bumps National Geographic down to 4th while Bleacher Report surpasses, finding its way back into the top 5 (likely due to April’s high-profile sport headlines such as the NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft, and start to the MLB season)… The most popular image (over 2.2 million total interactions) was a picture by Instagram on its own platform, and it’s as adorable as it gets!

Photo by @henrythecoloradodog Hello, world! Meet Henry and Baloo (@henrythecoloradodog), an unlikely pair of BFFs from Denver. “Their relationship is unlike any other I’ve seen,” says their human Cynthia, who adopted Henry the dog three years ago, and Baloo the cat six months ago. “Baloo’s mother abandoned her litter, so Baloo was really looking for an animal to attach himself to. Henry has separation anxiety and needed a friend, so when they met it only took about one day for them to become best friends. Baloo definitely sees Henry as a mom. He mimics everything Henry does, from sleeping on the dog bed to exploring. They do absolutely everything together.” Even Baloo’s signature move of hitching a ride on Henry’s head started early on in their friendship. “At the end of a hike in the first week we had Baloo, I placed him on Henry’s head and Baloo just bear-hugged him. Henry and Baloo truly love each other, no matter their differences.” Want more of this dynamic duo? Of course you do. Follow all their outdoor adventures at @henrythecoloradodog.

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