Storyclash regularly publishes Social Media Rankings by covering online content with the most social media interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Interactions are summarized as all likes, shares, comments and reactions. Storyclash tracks on social media opportunities, online media newsrooms and brands to discover viral articles, watch competitors in real-time and make data-driven decisions. Here is the latest Social Media Ranking Netherlands!

Neither Dumpert nor Voetbalzone will budge

The last time finished in the Top 3 was back in May, and the first three positions look identical in our July ranking. No surprises for first and second place, as Dumpert and Voetbalzone keep things as consistent as they do every month. All but two media companies in the Top 10 showcased improved numbers this time around, with increased interaction totals up and down the ranking (Dumpert and Voetbal International were the only companies in the Top 10 to fall short).

The Top Article of the month belongs to satirical site De Speld:

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