2017 was an eventful year in which again millions of people shared their opinions and feelings on social media, in form of likes, shares and comments on all kind of topics. Storyclash would like to use the past year as an opportunity to select the most successful media sites in the USA as well as the most successful posts in the categories articles, images, videos and GIFs. In each case, interactions are measured on the platforms Facebook and Twitter *.

The most successful media sites of the year 2017:

Looking at the overall interaction numbers on the platforms Facebook and Twitter, 2017 has a clear winner: The entertainment website Sarcasm took the lead of the social media annual ranking with incredible 3.1 billion interactions. 9GAG was able to take the second place with 708 million interactions, followed by The Dodo with 650 million interactions. Storyclash congratulates the winners to their success!

These media sites have accompanied many people in the USA throughout the year with funny pictures and videos, but also with serious topics as well. Storyclash wants to reward the increasing importance of social media in our everyday lives by honoring the ranks 1 to 3 with the Storyclash Social Media Award, that is awarded for outstanding achievements on social media. The following three companies will receive a Social Media Award:

#1: Sarcasm

The first place goes to Sarcasm! The content strategy of Sarcasm consists mainly of images to keep their users happy on Facebook and Twitter – and it works! The most successful contribution of Sarcasm with 1.8 million interactions shows a picture with several Apple products calling it ‚Heaven‘, which caused a sensation among fans.


#2: 9GAG

The second place goes to 9GAG, a famous fun site that entertains with images, videos and GIFs. The most successful post of 9GAG with 1.6 million interactions is a funny video about a pig that comes runnung faster than the Flash himself when someone says ‚who wants a belly rub?‘.


#3: The Dodo

The Dodo achieves the 3rd place with a strong focus on videos about animals and animal rights issues. The most successful post of The Dodo is a video about puppies that are trapped in a hole that is filling with water.


The most successful posts of the year:

The most successful posts of the year will now be presented in the individual categories: article, pictures, videos and GIFs.

The most successful article of the year:

The most successful article of the year is about a train that shows all of America’s most beautiful sights at a cost of only $ 213. The article from Thrillist generated 3.842.384 interactions on Facebook and Twitter.

The most successful image of the year:

The image with the most interactions is the already mentioned most successful contribution from Sarcasm. It generated 1.882.199 interactions throughout the year 2017.

The most successful video of the year:

The most successful Video of the year shows 7 amazing organization hacks for everyone to imitate. The video from Blossom generated incredible 14.843.032 interactions on Facebook and Twitter. But enough talk, watch for yourself!

The most successful GIF of the year:

To top it off, something to marvel at: the most successful GIF of the year generated 693.065 interactions and was posted by GIFMAGAZINE on 20th of April 2017. It shows two men who overcome a gap in a very impressive way! 😮

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* The Storyclash annual evaluation considers interactions on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram and Youtube are not included in this ranking because the platforms were added to Storyclash in the course of 2017. There are currently over 40,000 sources from 17 countries covered. All reactions to online content such as comments, shares, likes and other reactions including webshares are summarized as interactions. This ranking does not claim the completeness of all sources.

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