The Formula One Racing Championship is back and this time with brand-new F1 Teams and Drivers! Storyclash takes the upcoming season start as an opportunity to rank all the teams and drivers on their Social Media presence based on the online content with the most social media interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Interactions are summarized from all likes, shares, comments and reactions obtained by trending articles. Storyclash tracks billions of social media interactions worldwide and enables publishers, online media newsrooms and brands to discover viral articles, watch competitors in real-time and make data-driven decisions to get more engagement on social media.

Before the season starts: Red Bull Racing takes the first place on Social Media

The official season start will not take place until the 25th of March, but Red Bull Racing already took first place in the category „Social Media.“ The Formula One racing team under Austrian license managed to get the most social media interactions of all teams within the month of February: 3.542.435. The second place goes to Mercedes AMG Petronas with 2.897.118 social interactions, and the third place goes to McLaren with 2.319.003 interactions. The Scuderia Ferrari, on the other hand, did not make it into the Top 3 with 1.917.403 interactions.

F1 Teams rely on Instagram

The most striking thing is, all racing teams of the top group achieved almost all interactions on the platform Instagram. The runner-up Mercedes, for example, achieved 83% of all interactions on Instagram alone (hover over the numbers with your mouse to see more detailed statistics). Thereby, Instagram once again underlines its enormous reach by outperforming Facebook.

Introduction of the RB14 is Top Post of the month

The Top Post of the month is a picture of Red Bull Racing introducing its brand-new racing car RB14. This picture went viral and got 222.936 interactions alone.

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Lewis Hamilton by far the most successful driver on Social Media

As you can see in the screenshot below, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) managed to achieve almost 3 million social interactions (2,7 Mio. on Instagram) which is even more than most of the Formula One teams have. Thereby he also outperforms all other racing drivers by far. The driver with the second most interactions is Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) with 996.278 interactions, followed by Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing) on the third place with 526.460 interactions.

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