Using current Data Driven Insights, we create a ranking of all DAX-listed companies and their contributions, which records the most interactions across social networks during the period in question. All reactions to online content such as comments, shares, likes and other emoticons are summarized as interactions. All companies included in the DAX, the most important German stock index, are considered in the ranking. Unfortunately, the company HeidelbergCement can not be considered because it has no social media channels.

Adidas slides further as Volkswagen fortifies lead 

The DAX measures the performance of the 30 largest companies in Germany. However, we don’t want to look at each other’s business performance metrics, but rather at how well companies are doing on their social networks. For the past 2 months, Adidas has been slipping…

In February, Volkswagen overtook Adidas as the top-ranked DAX company for social media. In March, Adidas slid further down the ranking from 2nd place to 9th with its -96.7% performance (just 35.000 total interactions for the month), giving Volkswagen plenty of opportunity to strengthen its back-to-back lead atop both BMW and Deutsche Lufthansa. Here’s VW’s top post—a fun puzzle picture for people to unscramble—which pulled in over 72.000 interactions on Instagram:

Which car is this? #puzzle #car #volkswagen #vw

A post shared by Volkswagen (@volkswagen) on

Note: You can switch between the different content-types in the section Top Posts. You can also click on the posts to view them.

Note: Some posts are older than the month in question, but still have little enough time.

About Storyclash

Storyclash is a social media monitoring tool for online media, agencies and brands that shows the distribution of content across social networks in real time. It records how often both your own contributions—and those of any number of competitors—are shared, liked and commented on. In addition, within minutes, Storyclash recognizes viral contributions around the world, enabling rapid response to trends. Thus, maximum reach and relevance in social networks can be achieved.

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