Instagram Stories Monitoring – Everything you need to know

We are proud to officially introduce Instagram Stories Monitoring by Storyclash. With this update, not only have we achieved a…

Nationalratswahl 2019: Facebook und Instagram als dominierende Wahlkampf-Plattformen

Wie bereits im letzten Monat, haben wir im Vorfeld der Nationalratswahl 2019 die Social-Media-Accounts der Spitzenkandidaten analysiert. Das Ergebnis für…

How to keep your social media team busy this summer

It’s summertime and you know what that means: hot weather, slow news days and vacation holidays galore.  Your social media…

Announcing the Instagram Stories Early Adopter Program

Marketers can no longer disregard Instagram and its Stories. This is especially true for consumer brands. Worldwide, more than 500…

[Industry Insights] How automotive brands use social media in 2019

Welcome to Storyclash Industry Insights In our new series called “Industry Insights” we give you an overview of different industries and how they use…

The right way to do stress-free social media monitoring in 2019

If you’ve ever undergone the journey of building your insights reports, you know how time consuming this can be. As…

4 reasons to use #hashtags and keywords to boost your social media monitoring efforts

If you’ve spent some time in Storyclash, you’re probably familiar with our keyword search feature that enables you to analyze…

Empower your research process and find the right influencers with Influencer Search

Our new tool feature is a small product update with a big impact: Influencer Search is now available to enhance your Storyclash experience,…

How to Create Better Pitches with Storyclash

If you work at an agency, you’re probably in the deep end of a project which you have been developing for weeks. Is your data ready for the big pitch?

Beziehungsstatus: … kompliziert?

Gastbeitrag von Jana Ohrmann Social Media Strategist @ SYZYGY Deutschland.   Wir nutzen Social Media, um uns über Gemeinsamkeiten auszutauschen, Freundschaften…

3 More Tactics to Promote, Boost & Get Your Content Discovered

We’re adding 3 more tactics to last week’s list in Part 2 of our Content Discovery article series!

4 Tactics to Promote, Boost & Get Your Content Discovered: Part 1

We talk about 4 promotional tactics to consider when giving your social media content a boost to help it get discovered!

Keep Calm and Carry On – Facebook did, and so should you

We answer the question of whether you should keep using Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal and prove why you shouldn’t panic.

How to Achieve Better Engagement with a Content Scorecard

Creating a content scorecard to replicate the strengths of your best articles is an excellent way to benchmark against your own content and achieve improved blog engagement for your site.

4 Best Social Media Practices to learn from the Pros

When it comes to social media, there are 4 best practices which we’ve identified certain brands are exercising.

Engagement: Your Most Impactful KPI

Social Media is the perfect place to build brand awareness and the key to success is Engagement. So start optimizing your engagement with Storyclash!

You Should Benchmark Your Competition

Comparing yourself to other companies through Benchmarking can help you to improve your brand. We show you how to get the best out of it – with the help of Storyclash Insights!

Surviving Facebook’s Feed Change

We analyzed how the Facebook Feed Change has affected media companies and how you can prevent those effects with Storyclash.

Social Interactions on Instagram are Outpacing Facebook

If you look at the recent data on Facebook & Instagram, you can see that Interactions on Instagram are outpacing Facebook over time.

Facebook’s New Chapter:
The Big News Feed Change

Zuckerberg announced that the company will be significantly altering the way its News Feed displays branded content and user updates!

Emotion = Virality?

Here at Storyclash we equip our users with the powerful ability to track viral content on social media. But having…

Facebook hilft Unternehmen mit Value-Based Lookalike Audiences

  Mit Lookalike Audiences bietet Facebook Unternehmen die Möglichkeit, neue Personen zu erreichen, die an einem Unternehmen interessiert sein könnten,…

Neue Content-Strategie: So schaffen Miss, Ö3 und die Wienerin die meisten Facebook-Interaktionen im Februar.

Mit den neusten Facebook Trends zu mehr Interaktionen in Social Media. Die Top Seiten zeigen im Februar wie es geht!

Diese 10 Social Media KPIs solltest du im Griff haben

Social Media Aktivitäten jeglicher Art sind heutzutage zu einem unverzichtbaren Bestandteil im Marketing geworden, nicht zuletzt deshalb, weil dadurch wichtige…

So erstellst du eine virale Facebook Live Video-Abstimmung mit Reactions

Facebook bietet mit “Facebook Live” bereits seit einiger Zeit die Möglichkeit, Live-Videos zu übertragen und diese mit Freunden und Bekannten…

5 Tools für mehr Facebook Traffic

Social Media Traffic wird immer wichtiger, da man sich heutzutage nicht mehr alleinig auf den Traffic durch die organische Google-Suche verlassen…

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